Females Committing Domestic Abuse


Why is it ok to hit a man but not a woman? It’s vile and disgusting to hit ANYONE! Especially someone who you are supposed to love! The revelation of Kelly Brooks hitting two ex boyfriends whilst in a relationship with them has brought this into the media AGAIN! Why do women think that in order to be equal, we must also take on the disgusting behaviours of men? Historically it was always men who hit women and it was unspoken about within society. Nowadays however society is becoming more open about relationships and what happens behind closed doors, which is amazing for those caught in domestic abuse relationships, applications for phones are being created to make people more safe and more able to leave relationships that aren’t healthy.

That being said, this issue has been brought to my attention due to reading an article called ‘7 female celebrities who have physically abused their men’ this sadly is nothing compared to the headlines that males get for abusing their spouses. When googling victims of domestic abuse they are almost all women… So why is this?

In my opinion, people who write about domestic abuse are most likely to be women because men writing about it looks misogynistic, however a woman will not write about a woman being abusive in a bad light. The one thing that caught my eye was that Kelly Brooks, the model who brought females being domestic abusers into the news, laughed in an interview about her abusing her ex boyfriends. This shocked me because mental abuse always comes alongside physical abuse… So Kelly why is this a laughing matter and a way to sell your upcoming book? Why are you selling someones pain? Why is society allowing this?

Society is allowing it cause she is a woman who is good looking and takes her clothes off as a job so she couldn’t possibly do something wrong to someone. I am thoroughly disgusted at the society we live in…


A No Voter’s Views On An Independent Scotland

‘Scotland HAS voted for Independence’ has been a thing of nightmares for myself recently, but sadly it is becoming increasingly possible from the opinion polls. As the increase of yes voters has risen so to has my understanding of why they are yes voters, however I am still a strong no voter and have in fact already cast my vote.

Coming to university and meeting people who disagree with my political views has been interesting for me as before my friends would never really question me or my views due to their lack of interest, I adore people who are passionate about their views and those who stick by what they say even when in a minority. Having political debate out with the boundaries of a classroom or lecture theatre and doing it when I am comfortable with my argument has also helped me with my choice. A flatmate of mine doing politics alongside me at university is a strong yes voter and despite disagreeing with some of her views I completely see the reasons she has for voting yes.

A yes vote for Scotland in my view would be a MASSIVE risk however, a no vote would also be a risk, Scotland is going to change over the next few years no matter what happens and that scares and excites me. Scotland is a wonderful country full of wonderful people with great political ideologies and opinions, in my opinion Scotland is a country that strives for equality and is luckily a socialist country. I’m glad that I live in a country where equality is welcomed and governmental policies that hinder this are pushed out.

I understand that being governed by a political party that three of the four countries in the UK didn’t vote for is a huge annoyance and have myself said that I would prefer a system like America with the college electoral votes so that England would have 50% of the votes and Scotland, Ireland and Wales would have the other 50%. Sadly though we do not live in an ideal society where the ideas of the people are listened to.

I guess that is what the referendum is for though, to listen to the people.

My reason for voting no is because I want my baby brother to grow up in a country that I know can protect him and give him the freedoms he needs which is what the UK has within the EU and what it has with the use of the UK passport.

I also think there will be certain difficulties with the closeness of the vote at the moment as it will be difficult to have a true democracy on a 51-49 vote.