My sequel

For me I’d always known I was going to university, from the age of seven, but now with it being just a few weeks away the sudden reality has hit me. I’m soon to be a uni student and to be honest that really scares me, but why?

Exam pressures didn’t exist for me as I got an unconditional offer into my first choice university, this therefore lead to a relaxed attitude about my exams and the results day, however, I stayed up till 3 in the morning to get my results by text. This had become somewhat of a ritual in my house for me to stay up to get my results, despite having an unconditional I still had a horrendous feeling when I saw a C looming. (I got ABBC)

It could’ve been the worry of meeting new people you might think? Nope. I’ve spoken to a few of my flatmates thanks to a Facebook group for both freshers at my university and an accommodation group. I have already made some amazing friends and some amazing plans so that no longer phases me, it’s more of an excitement than anything else. However I do need to move out to go to university so could it be that?

My answer, yes! My mum and myself have always been very close and throughout my childhood it was just her and myself in the house, she was my only true best friend. She has constantly stood by me through my stupidity (which was quite often) and better times. She’s loved me unconditionally through my mental health problems and my abusive relationship. She’s been my rock and now I worry that I’ll lose those movie nights and baking days and wrestling matches, I know I need to grow up but surely it’s normal to want a cuddle from your mummy from time to time?

Another reason I’m feeling stressed is due to the fact that my best friend who I’ve been almost inseparable from for over 16 years is also moving away, so now instead of living a 30 minute drive away she’s over two and a half hours away! I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope without her, to me she’s my only true friend and the thought of drifting really scares me! I know I’ll make new friends but I’ll never be able to reminisce about my 5th birthday party or the day her sister was born?!

I know I’m still terrified but I am excited at the same time! For me I’m calling this my sequel because the story hasn’t ended yet!


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