My friend has a huge party once a year to raise funds for her gap year to China with the name Spagfest (long story) but going to it last night made me realise how much I’ve changed over this past year!

My aspirations haven’t changed but I have as a person, I feel that these changes have made my aspirations more realistic and this has pushed me to be more inspired to achieve my goals!

When I told people I wanted to be a journalist when I was 7 they laughed and said that a princess was what normal kids say, then when I was struggling with English at school even more people told me that I couldn’t do it. Getting my results last year and seeing I got a C in English broke my heart but it pushed me to want to do better!

I’m now counting down the days till I go to university to study journalism and politics and I’m so proud that I proved so many people wrong!

I also noticed the difference between the friends I had last year and the ones now and I’ve realised who the real ones are and the fake ones! A lot has happened over this year and only a few friends stuck around to help me through it and I am eternally grateful to them for their support and love. But to add to that I’ve noticed that in my eagerness to go to university lies the fact that I’ve gotten to know some people from there over Facebook and have now become friends with them!

I hate the saying ‘you’ve changed’ because everyone changes with every life experience and new friend they meet, just cause you’ve changed doesn’t always mean that’s bad because like a piece of technology, sometimes your personality needs an upgrade!

Thank you for reading my little iPhones! Don’t stop upgrading 🙂


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