My Festival Experience

This year I went to T in the Park to celebrate the last year at Balado, I had my first venture to the wonderful festival last year as it celebrated it’s 20th year.

Despite thinking that last year was the most amazing weekend of my life I must admit this year topped it by quite a bit! Not only did I make some fantastic friends but I had a wonderful time and saw some amazing acts!

We started our weekend as a small group of nine people, seven girls and two boys, an obvious disappointment with one being in a relationship with my best friend and the other being gay therefore both being off limits. Soon our campsite was almost full with people cramming their tents into spaces that didn’t exist. As we say watching people take hours to put up one tent we noticed behind our tent there were seven boys (from Dumbarton) wrestling with a huge six man tent. We soon offered our services as amazing campers to help with their tent however ended up laughing at how pathetic they were.

Soon a group of 3 boys from Malta decided it was getting embarrassing and within seconds the tent was up. Our campsite had the biggest area for sitting and talking with our tents being in a big circle so we invited them all over and our group of 19 was perfected, the three groups soon mingled and the wolf pack was created! Over the weekend we had the addition of a Mancunian and some more Maltese to add to our group!

This led to a huge- and probably very loud- group having the ability during the acts to split up and everyone to see something with someone from the group! Meeting this group was lovely and they really added to the experience!

The acts were also phenomenal and it felt as if the acts knew that they should say goodbye to Balado with a bang!! I saw all the acts I had wanted to see such as, Kaiser Chiefs, Paolo Nutini and the Arctic Monkeys the boys we had met from Dumbarton helped push myself and my good friend Holly out of our comfort zone by taking us to see DJ Fresh and Steve Angello which actually led us to have a great time.

The best act of the weekend was, without a doubt, Calvin Harris! We had just watched the chilled out experience that is Paolo Nutini and were eagerly awaiting the insanity that is Calvin Harris and after the 20 minute wait it was time. Will Smith then walks out on stage and explains that he is there to enjoy the T experience alongside his close friend Calvin Harris! This was such a shock to everyone and the whole crowd went mental! Calvin then came out and everyone got so excited! The music started as did the raving and despite me spending the week previous to T saying it wasn’t my sort of music, it definitely is now!!

All the highlights from T in the Park can be found on BBC iPlayer and on the BBC YouTube channel! Check it out and see if you can spot me!!

I should probably give a shout out to the wolf pack that consisted of Holly, Laura, Laura, Kirsty, Kirsty, Mairead, James, Colin, Chloe, Lee, Adam, Kieran, Robert, Kris, Robert, Craig, Shaun, Jake, Zack, Daniel, Andrea, Kurt and Sam, thank you for such an insane experience! Can’t wait for our reunions and the wolf pack on tour!


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