My Unhealthy Obsession with Gym Clothes

Over the past few months I have noticed I have become somewhat seduced by the attempts of sports brands to make me think that I could become the new Jessica Ennis. This has lead to an obvious rise in the amount of gym/workout clothes I have started to buy, from this my family have become increasingly concerned with this addiction I have created for myself! The worry is that I dont even go to the gym! The most workout I have done is well, attempting to get out of bed in the morning and usually failing till afternoon!

Why do I do this though? If I dont go to the gym why am I spending hundreds of pounds on items of clothing that’ll never be seen in public? I cant wear these clothes and shoes out in town on a day out and I dont go to the gym so why on earth would I waste money on clothes I may never wear? Well luckily if your looking for an answer to these questions you’ve come to the right place because I have a theory as to why us girls do this.

In the shopping centres and towns us girls feel like we are constantly being watched and judged by one another- which I dont think actually happens- so by going into these stores and coming out with big shopping bags we look like we work out and hope to make other girls feel like they should be working out as well to look as good as us. I feel that this allows us to not go to the gym cause other girls think we have so why would we have to go? A bit egotistical, but I think every girl can agree that a little bit of us hopes we’re better than the girl standing next to us?

I hope that this has made at least some sense and if anyone disagrees I’d love to hear your theories!


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