The Nightmare of Prom

I suppose everyone has extremely high expectations of prom due to the constant ‘need’ for the best dress (or suit/kilt) and the idea that the only time youll look better than you did on your prom day is your wedding day. However, every girl I have spoken to has had a slight nightmare with their prom prep, whether it be; the fake tan, the makeup, the dress or just the stress of it all. This leads me onto my own nightmare which may seem miniscule however to me at the time it was the most horrific feeling of all time! Luckily I can laugh about it now.

My nightmare came when my dress ordered from the internet and lovingly bought by my grandfather arrived, I had picked a gorgeous blue and gold dress that was fitted and came out at the bottom, however to my disgust the dress as soon as I put it on was, in my opinion so unflattering and ugly on me! This led to floods of tears and a visit from my best friend to ask why I was so upset, she of course told me I looked lovely but I just didnt feel that ‘princess’ feel that I’d dreamt of! So of course my mum being the lovely woman she is bought me a new dress! The new dress was the most gorgeous dress ever and my confidence in prom was quickly restored.

The next nightmare came on the day of prom, so after my waxing, tan and nails having been done the day before and my hair being done and me loving it I was certain nothing could go wrong from there. Next was makeup, I adore doing makeup myself and if I ever have any free time I’ll play about with some looks, however I wanted that ‘movie star’ feel, like I had nothing to do all day cause it was MY day. This for me was the stupidest thing I could’ve done as I am a perfectionist!

The nightmare started when the makeup artist put NAIL GLUE on my eyes! She then applied the glitter as I had wanted a full glitter eye, the glue soon crinckled up and in turn left my eyes in a huge amount of pain and my confidence left in tatters! I asked for the makeup to be removed and left as quickly as I could as I only had 30 minutes to get home, get my dress on and do my makeup. The car journey home was when the tears started and everything sunk in, I then got my makeup set up and quickly did my makeup the way I wanted it done! The stress slowly got easier to deal with as I finished my eyes with a pair of false lashes.

This was the start of one of the best nights of my life! Once my wonderful best friend had reassured me that he thought I looked gorgeous my confidence slowly built throughout the night (and into the early hours of the morning). I now know that I am the best at doing my own makeup unless the makeup artist is famous! I’m so happy with how my prom went in the end but I really wish I had believed in my own abilities!




5 thoughts on “The Nightmare of Prom

  1. lookbeyondbeauty says:

    Wow, what kind of an ”artist” was that, nail glue?!. I’m glad it all worked out for you in the end & you look fantastic! 🙂

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