Footballs impact on society

20130922-071237 pm.jpg

I like to think of myself as a loyal and longstanding fan of the team I call my own, Manchester City, as my family have been constant supporters of the team for ‘forty odd years’ according to my grandfather. Throughout this time we have witnessed the lows, the even lower and now finally a few highs here and there. Many men argue that women should not be interested in this sport as it is not a sport for women, but I challenge that! I understand that many girls feel that acting like a football fan will gain some recognition with boys however there are plenty of hardcore female followers of football! What can bond friends, family or couples more than a shared interest? Football is more than a sport, more than a reason for a pub fight and more than an argument raiser, it’s a following, a reason to believe- my family especially will quote this- and it’s a time for family to sit in front of the television and hope as a unit for their family team. There have been many instances where you witness a fan of a team threaten to give up on his team after a wounding defeat, but this threat can be repeated game after game, season after season and year after year until that team win and prove the persons hopes correct. Other sports such as golf, boxing or darts don’t create as much passion and loyalty as football. It is this that keeps many a fan going and with this quote by Joe Namath I will end

Football is an honest game. It is true to life. It’s a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.


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